Benefits for Concrete Contractors

Concrete construction adds a new dimension and many advantages to a concrete contractor’s already existing businesses. There are features and benefits of above-grade, removable form, solid reinforced and insulated concrete construction for concrete contractors. There is more capacity for growth in concrete residential housing than for any other concrete market segment.

New Business Opportunities
Working with builders and developers on concrete home construction adds horizontal growth potential to a concrete contractor’s inherently vertical business by utilizing existing capabilities.
Satisfies a Market Need
Delivers a safe, natural disaster resistant structure, which is more economical for homeowners than current available construction.
Increased Totality of Work
The addition of concrete home construction expands the business without any special field training, added crews and foremen. There is no major learning curve expense to expanding the business.
Increased Productivity
Crew travel time is reduced, increasing the volume of work at each location.
More Profitable
Increase your profitability by utilizing your manpower. The concrete required for the construction of one 2,500 sq. ft. concrete home with basement is two-times the basement foundation volume alone. Although forming systems used in this process are a significant capital equipment investment, they can be reused hundreds of times. With every new concrete construction project, the return on your investment becomes more profitable.
Allows a concrete contractor to compete with other systems currently in the construction market.
Tax Advantage
Large capitalized equipment like concrete pump trucks and aluminum and steel forms is the source for depreciation expense.

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