Learn about the steps involved in building a safe, durable, energy-efficient home. Sometimes there maybe issues with concrete foundations in your home. If you think you have a problem please call underpinning melbourne. Similarly it could be a problem with your stumps , in this case again call a professionals - restumping melbourne.

The Concrete Homes Council is an alliance of concrete industry system providers, contractors and industry partners established to promote cast-in-place, removable form concrete housing.


The Council believes that cast-in-place concrete housing — already popular in many other parts of the world — has the potential to catch on rather quickly in the United States, and has gathered together some of the leading organizations in the field to provide expertise

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These organizations can help you make your next concrete housing project even more successful. Check out the updated map to find a contractor near you.

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Check out the new project map to find out where the latest concrete homes are being constructed and where current interest is popping up.

Building Homes with Removable Concrete Forms - 1st Edition!

This long-awaited publication introduces contractors and builders to the concept and methods of building with Removable Concrete Forms (RCFs) and helps existing concrete foundation contractors transition into above-grade construction.

The manual will help you to realize the benefits of removable concrete forms construction. It will also help you communicate and market the benefits of this building system to homeowners and buyers.

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Learning More About Concrete Pumping Techniques And Applications

Are you planning on pumping concrete in the future? If this is something you want to do, you'll want to learn more about concrete pumping techniques and applications. We were talking to a reputable concrete pumping company on information and advice - http://www.concretepumpingco.com.au/sydney/ . Before a concrete pour you will want to find out how concrete is pumped and how both boom and line pumping works.

How can you learn all of these things? Here are a few sources of information that might come in handy.

Check out the video Tutorials on http://www.concretepumpingco.com.au/brisbane/

Order the New DVD: 'Cast-In-Place Concrete Homes'

This DVD is a great tool to understand the value of above-grade, all-concrete home construction using Removable Concrete Form (RCF) construction. 

Above-grade concrete homes are quickly becoming one of the hottest topic for new home buyers.  Develop a great feel for why this movement is taking place through this 6 minute DVD.

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Concrete Benefits

Learn more about the benefits of cast-in-place concrete homes, especially for architects and engineers, concrete contractors, builders and developers, and government agencies.

Construction Process

Learn about the steps involved in building a safe, durable, energy-efficient home.

Concrete Home Profiles

See some of the best and brightest in concrete housing projects during the past five years in our project profile gallery.

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Get more information about the many member organizations who have partnered with the CHC.

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